Litholife has been gaining prominence in the national and in the international scene, because we respect a series of standards and norms established by the competent bodies, guaranteeing the quality of our product.


IBD Certifications is a 100% Brazilian company that develops inspection and certification activities for agriculture and cattle ranching, processing and extractive, organic, biodynamic and fair trade products.


Accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the USDA Organic label represents a regulation for organic food. The certification is granted to industries that comply with the rules and regulations of production, handling, labeling and inspection, ensuring an international standard quality of the product.


The Kosher Certificate is a document issued to attest that the products manufactured by a given company comply with the specific rules governing the Orthodox Jewish diet. It is globally recognized and attributed as synonymous with maximum quality control.

halal certificate

Halal certification attests that all the processes, from cultivation to storage and transport, respect the norms established in Islamic law and the norms referring to the use of agrochemicals. It is, therefore, a synonymous of quality, health and respect for the environment.

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