Different applications of Lithothamnion sp. seaweed

Due to the increasing replacement of calcium from animal and mineral origin by vegetable sources, Lithothamnion sp. seaweed has proven to be an innovative ingredient with numerous benefits, a natural source of minerals, especially calcium.

This Litholife product is mainly used in supplements, for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, for immunity boosting, for muscle health, for joint pain and general well-being. However, it is also widely used for use in cosmetics, food and beverage enrichment, among many other applications.

Lithothamnion sp. is an excellent choice for enriching foods and beverages as it does not add flavor or odor, does not contain anti-nutritional factors and has irrelevant fat and calorie content.

Due to its neutrality, it allows application in various segments of the food industry, such as:

- Dairy-free products – powdered and liquid vegetable drinks, vegetable ice creams and yogurts, vegan chocolates;

- Confectionery and bakery products, cereals and snacks;

- Gluten-free products, such as pasta, bread and snacks;

- Processed meats;

- Meat analog;

- Products for specific diets: pregnant women, children and the elderly;

- Functional drinks;

On the rise in the market, with the astronomical growth in recent years in the food segment, vegetable milks are an example of the application of Lithothamnion sp. seaweed that provides several advantages over its “traditional” competitor, cow´s milk.

Used for many years in vegetable drinks produced in Europe, the Lithothamnion sp. enrichment of these herbal drinks produces a much more complete, nutritious and sustainable food, as well as 100% vegetable.

Only 0.35% of Lithothamnion sp. in the product formulation makes vegetable milk equal to cow´s milk for calcium, for example, in addition to providing other minerals such as magnesium, selenium, zinc and iron, all also naturally present in Lithothamnion sp. seaweed.

Lithothamnion sp. still has several important technological benefits: improved texture, color, flavor and shelf life of baked goods; reduction of breakage and adhesion in cereals and pasta; in addition to contributing to the stability of emulsions.

For those who opt for convenience, there is the option of using food supplements with Lithothamnion sp. in the form of powder, capsules or tablets, ensuring the consumption of minerals in the appropriate dosages.

In addition, Lithothamnion sp. is also widely used in gels and creams, often applied in anti-cellulite treatment and exfoliation, due to its abrasive property. Other applications observed are bath salts and face masks.

The vegetable Lithothamnion sp. seaweed has also shown positive results in relation to the healing of fractures in dogs. Due to its highly porous structure, Lithothamnion sp. improves the bioavailability of calcium and magnesium for animals with consumption by ingestion, making it a great choice for an ingredient for animal feed.

Litholife offers the product in natura and in powder form in different particle sizes (mainly 325, 400 and 550 mesh). It does not contain genetically modified organisms, it has Halal, Kosher and Organic Certification, it is extracted in a sustainable way, and it is a vegan and allergen-free product. Litholife is USDA Organic Certified and registered with the FDA.

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