Calcium derived from Lithothamnion sp. is an excellent choice of plant-based ingredient for use in food, supplement, beverage, and cosmetic production. Do you know how the extraction process of the ingredient is carried out?

Lithothamnion algae grow in overlapping layers. With the calcification of the lower layers, and the resulting change in color, the algae are called marine bioclastic granules. Due to the movement of the tides and sea currents, these structures detach from the plant and are "rolled" by the movements of the currents to form deposits. No live algae are extracted, only calcified and sedimented algae. The algae are extracted by the dredging process.
They are then dehydrated and micronized into different granulometries that vary according to the type of application.
The process is totally conscious and designed so that the amount of sediments removed is compatible with the natural replacement, which makes it environmentally sustainable.

The extraction takes place along the coast of Maranhão, with highly respect, care and preservation of the environment, on a platform made up only of inert material, approximately 50km far away from the coast and 18 meters deep. The entire process relies on the approval and control of IBAMA, Chico Mendes Institute, and DNPM (National Department of Mineral Property). The primary processing also has the IBD certification as "Approved for Organic Agriculture Purpose".
The whole process is free of chemical additives, allergens and other contaminants!

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