COVID-19 and the supplement market in the coming years

Vitamins and minerals are recognize as the entry point for initiating dietary supplement consumption. Therefore, it is easy to understand why when the COVID-19 pandemic led consumers to seek to improve their health condition; this was the most practical option. This is resulted in an increase in sales in this sector, both due to the increase in the consumption of those who already consumed and the increase in the number of new consumers.

The dietary supplement market was already strong and had been growing steadily globally before the pandemic. However, since the World Health Organization declared a world pandemic in March 2020, a boom in sales of vitamins and minerals began, surpassing all expectations. Consumers around the world have sought these products as a way to try to prevent themselves from developing the most serious form of the disease caused by COVID-19, keeping their nutrition up to date.

The challenge now for the sector is to keep sales growing in the coming years. One way to keep the consumption of dietary supplements high is to meet consumer demand. The food market is increasingly adapting to the preferences of its customers, whether for cultural or religious reasons, or due to allergies and intolerances. This ranges from being free of artificial colorings or being a vegan product to following manufacturing practices respecting the precepts of a certain religion or belief, for example. In addition, the supplement industry is no exception to his rule: consumers are looking for increasingly modern products that meet their personal nutritional demand, in addition to seeking formulations that go beyond the ordinary. People are increasingly informed and aware of how nutrition affects their health and, in addition, they want products that also fit their lifestyle and preferences.

Litholife works in the development and commercialization of Brazilian products based on Lithothamnion sp. seaweed, in powder and in natura, one of the healthiest sources of calcium that exist, with high absorption by the body. Litholife seaweed calcium is a product of plant origin that naturally contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and others essential for the proper functioning of our body. This product has organic, Halal and Kosher certification; it is free of Genetically Modified Organisms; has its extraction done in a sustainable way; in addition to being a vegan and allergen-free product. We are USDA certified and FDA registered organic company.


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