Litholife operates in the development and commercialization of Brazilian products based on Lithothamnion algae, powdered and in natura. It is a rich and complex mineral compound, naturally balanced and bioavailable and one of the healthiest sources of calcium available, highly absorbed by the body. This product is GMO free, Halal, Kosher and organic certified, has its extraction done in a sustainable way, being a vegan product and free of allergens. Learn how your company can use Lithothamnion sp. algae in its products. Get to know the various applications of Lithothamnion sp.!
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Litholife follows several quality standards in order to guarantee the safety of its products. Litholife has the following certifications:


The consumption of only 3g Lithothamnion guarantees about 96% of the daily intake of calcium and 33% of the daily intake of magnesium, being these two elements the mineral basis of this food complex, which are highly necessary to the human body. In addition, it has more than 70 other minerals that provide the consumption of important elements necessary to the human being, in a unique and rich balanced way.


* Valores diários de referência com base na RDC n 269 2005 FAO/OMS



* Daily reference values ​​based on the RDC n 269 2005 FAO/OMS


Unlike other sources of calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals to human beings, our product has unique characteristics that grant a great organism absorption capacity, due to the rich balance of the minerals found in it and its unique form of presentation in nature.

Electron micrographs demonstrate the Lithothamnion physical structure (honeycomb-like, large absorption capacity).


*Source: Soriani MF, Teixeira MM. Avaliação in vitro da biodisponibilidade de íons de cálcio em preparaçãocomercial do Concentrado Mineral marinho - CMM produzido a partir de algas calcárias. 2012. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Instituto de Ciências Biológicas. Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais.

The extraction takes place along the coast of Maranhão, with highly respect, care and preservation of the environment, on a platform made up only of inert material, approximately 50km far away from the coast and 18 meters deep. The entire process relies on the approval and control of IBAMA, Chico Mendes Institute, and DNPM (National Department of Mineral Property). The primary processing also has the IBD certification as "Approved for Organic Agriculture Purpose".

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